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The EZOath

An EZMath tutor isn't just is not a detached entity. We guarantee and live a set of guidelines as we become your math sherpas. In any EZMath tutoring session, you as a learner will be the focus of the meeting. Your questions will be heard--and answered--together on a journey tailored specifically for you. We will build a safe learning environment together, enabling you to flourish to your fullest potential. We will equip you with the tools to tackle any problem you face in and beyond an EZMath tutoring session. We--tutor and tutee--will make math as EZasAbC. 

Back in early 2020, Chadwick's VR Club had to stop meeting--indefinitely--thanks to the pandemic. Instead, we decided to dedicate our time to tutoring others! We all love math and can't wait to spread our knowledge to everyone we can!


As a student, whenever I've tried to find help for math on my own, I've never been able to find what I need: either the articles are too elementary or written for the college level. Why is there no in-between? That's why we, Ethan, Zak, Alex, and Cooper (hence the EZasAbC), took it upon ourselves to make all levels of math as EZasAbC to understand. Have fun and start learning with us!

Not only do we offer online tutoring based in Palos Verdes (via Discord and Zoom), but we also will be posting guides as we go, starting with Algebra and working up! We are so excited to have you all on this journey with us.

If you have any ideas to improve the guides, or if you even have a guide of your own, please reach out to us and we will take a look!

Ethan Farah — 
CEO and Tutor



Ethan Farah loves math to his core. He has been competing and helping others since middle school. In terms of his qualifications, he has taken and gotten A’s in all levels of math from Algebra 1 Honors to AP Calculus BC. He is currently taking multivariable calculus. Ethan is an AIME qualifier and has ranked second of all students in Los Angeles for three years in a row. He also ranks top 500 in the United States in competitive math and is also the president of Chadwick’s math club.

Cooper Saye —
CTO, lead comp sci tutor



Cooper Saye has spent his early years dedicated to math and computer science. Since middle school, he's taken and performed well in many advanced math and computer science courses, achieving only A's in math and scoring a 5/5 on the Computer Science A AP exam as a freshman. He has been a math club captain for two years running and worked as a mentor for the Hack SoCal 2020 hackathon. Cooper hopes to foster this passion in others through EZasABC tutoring.

Derrick Lee — 


Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 16.41.22.png

Derrick Lee is an avid mathematician and is passionate about the field of science. He is currently taking Algebra 2 Honors in 8th grade and has consistently received advanced scores in all of his math and science courses. He welcomes any opportunity that allows him to advance in any course graciously. He has been partaking in the upper school math competitions since the beginning of this school year. He also has participated in Chadwick’s robotics team since sixth grade and has successfully made it to the state championship.

Zak Willoughby —
Lead math Tutor



Zak Willoughby is a proud proponent of lifelong learning. From a young age, he has been in accelerated math and is currently delving into the forests of calculus. Through focused and comprehensive sessions, Zak hopes to foster an appetite for learning that expands far beyond the classroom. It is this same intellectual thirst that has allowed Zak to glean top-marks both in the classroom and during competitions. Let’s make math a pastime, not a chore!

Alex Tamura — 
Graphics Lead, tutor



Alex Tamura is a proud mathematician and artist. He has been in accelerated math whenever possible and has consistently got top marks, including a 5 on his past AP Calculus AB exam. He has participated in math club since 5th grade and has participated in robotics since 4th grade, along with a lifelong passion for aeronautics and engineering. Alex hopes to help others through his knowledge and natural curiosity and to inspire his students to achieve their goals.

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